Pure Jongo

Adam Turner
21 November, 2014
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Pure Jongo

Pure, www.pure.com/au


Bluetooth; speaker adapter


2.4GHz Wi-Fi only

From $269


Backed by a strong audio heritage, the Pure Jongo is a worthy challenger to Sonos’ crown.

You’ll find the Jongo T2, T4 and T6 speakers catering for different-sized rooms, with the option to create stereo pairs. There’s also the S3 portable rechargeable speaker and the $199 A2 wireless hi-fi adapter for hooking up your existing sound system (supporting 24-bit audio). There’s no Jongo standalone subwoofer or soundbar.

The Jongo speakers let you mix and match songs between rooms, but they don’t require a wireless bridge, nor do they create their own mesh network. Instead, they all connect directly to your existing home Wi-Fi network, but they only support 2.4GHz networks and not 5GHz. Unfortunately, this is a deal-breaker if you find that your microwave oven or other local interference tends to interrupt your 2.4GHz network.

Jongo’s party trick is that you can stream directly to each speaker via Bluetooth, plus the speakers show up as DLNA media renderers on your home network. There’s also a line-in for playing music from external devices, but you can’t send that sound to other Jongo speakers around your home.

You drive your Jongo speakers from the iOS or Android app. You can play music from that device or across your home network via DLNA. You can also tap into internet radio or the Pure Connect cloud service. There’s no direct support for third-party services like Spotify and Rdio, but there is a workaround that lets you stream from any music app to multiple Jongo speakers via Bluetooth.

Jongo’s speakers sound fantastic – they’re rich and clear, with no distortion at high volume. Speaker preferences come down to personal taste, but to our ears the Jongo sounds a little more full-bodied than the clean and precise Sonos speakers.

Bottom line.

Ultimately, it’s the lack of 5GHz and native Spotify/Rdio support that sees it fall just short of Sonos.

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