PURE Highway 300Di

Macworld Australia Staff
5 May, 2012
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PURE Highway 300Di

PURE, www.pure.com/au


Digital radio and iPod connectivity in one; crystal-clear, CD-quality sound; pause and rewind live radio


Requires installation; controller sits on your dash



Digital radio has grown up a lot, to the point that we now listen to digital radio all the time at home, but wish we could also get its crystal-clear reception and on-screen information in our car without having to replace its audio system.

Enter the PURE Highway 300Di – a professionally installed adaptor that adds digital radio functionality to any existing in-car stereo. It consists of an interface box which sits out of sight, a glass- mount aerial and a small controller unit that you can mount on the dash or an air-duct. The 300Di also has a USB interface so you can plug in and control an iPhone, iPad or iPod.

The controller has an OLED screen for displaying information from an iOS device or digital radio station. Below it are four navigation buttons ranged around a controller knob. It’s both intuitive and easy to use without distracting you from your driving.

We tested the PURE’s digital radio sound quality by tuning it and the car radio to the same station and flipping between the two. The difference was amazing, particularly when it came to AM stations, where crackly music and voices were lifted to CD quality.

Of real benefit to those who travel far and wide is the fact that digital radio is tuned in by the station name, not its local frequency, which means you don’t have to constantly twiddle the dial. Finally, another great feature is the ability to pause and rewind live radio.

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The PURE 300Di is a great after-market digital radio solution for those who don’t want to replace their existing car audio system and don’t mind living with a separate controller on the dash.


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  1. Paul says:

    This would solves the problem of getting digital radio into my Ford XR6. Makes me wonder what the total cost would be seeing it has to be professionally installed and how is doing the installations here in Australia.

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