PURE Contour 200i Air AirPlay speaker

Danny Gorog
20 February, 2013
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PURE Contour 200i Air

PURE, www.pure.com/au


Good sound quality for size and price; auto firmware updates; easy setup when using an iPhone


Wireless reception wasn’t as good as other units tested



The Contour 200i Air from PURE is a small and powerful AirPlay speaker system that includes a 30-pin docking station. It also has an auxiliary 3.5mm audio jack, coaxial digital audio input and an Ethernet network connection.

Along with AirPlay compatibility, the Contour 200i can also stream radio stations, podcasts and audiobooks directly from the internet. To access these features you’ll need the Pure Connect helper app, available free from the App Store.

Setting up the Contour 200i without docking your device can be troublesome. Given the lack of a Lighting connector, we tried setting it up with our wired network but unfortunately the Contour refused to get an IP address. In the end we pulled a trusty old iPhone 3GS out of the drawer and used that for configuration.

Sound quality on the Contour was excellent considering its size, due to its two 3.5in speakers with downward-firing ports. These produce a detailed sound at medium volume. The Contour can easily fill a medium sized room with sound, but when turned up to maximum you can tell the speaker is physically small.

Apart from sound quality, the test device we had randomly reset itself to maximum volume if left without input for long enough. Our test area wasn’t big but we noticed the Contour would drop off the network occasionally if placed at the opposite end to the Wi-Fi base station, which may indicate some sort of weakness in the Wi-Fi chipset used.

Last thing to note is the Contour comes with a convenient remote control that allows you to control all the major functions from the comfort of your chair.

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