Podio Luminadio

Dave Bullard
28 December, 2011
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Podio Luminadio

International Dynamics, www.internationaldynamics.com.au


Great sound for its size; well-made


No AAC support, no line-in access



The Podio Luminadio isn’t one of Harry Potter’s spells – it’s a combination torch, MP3 player and speaker. It’s not the first device to combine the three, but it’s easily the best.

The Luminadio is a small cylinder 11cm long and 3.3cm in diameter, with a CREE 1W white 100 Flux LED at one end, a cluster of simple audio controls at the other, and a 1.5W Foster Hi-Fi micro-speaker housed in the middle. There’s also a shared 3.5mm jack for power, USB and earphones.

The unit – available in black, silver, red or blue – comes with a handlebar bracket for mounting on a bicycle, but has just as many uses for camping, night-time barbies and the like.

The audio quality is amazing. We were expecting a small, tinny sound and got just the opposite. For its size this Podio delivers a surprisingly big, full sound with plenty of bass and very little distortion at high volumes – and, let’s face it, if you’re using this while riding your bike you’ll need to pump it up a bit.

The Podio has 2GB of memory on board, on which you can store MP3 or WMA-format audio files. If the music on your Mac is in iTunes’ default AAC format, you’ll need to convert them – see www.macworld.com.au/29770 for details on how to do this. The computer interface is a little old-fashioned for those of us used to using iTunes – the Luminadio appears on your Mac as an external drive, and you have to drag and drop your audio files into it.

Though the unit only has limited controls, you can place your audio files into folders and skip from one to the next by pressing the Skip Forward/Back buttons twice quickly.

Podio says the battery will last three hours when playing music through the speaker with the light on high beam. The time gets progressively longer if you only use one or the other, switch from high to low beam, and use earphones instead of the speaker.

Macworld Australia’s buying advice.

The Luminadio might seem a little expensive at first, but you’re buying a quality product that will last for years. If you ride a bike, it’s a double safety feature – not only will others see you, they’ll hear you coming as well!


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