Plox 3000mAh Energy Stick

Macworld Australia Staff
27 May, 2013
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Plox 3000mAh Energy Stick



Charges iPhone 4/4S or iPod twice; looks good


Puts stress on charging port; only 1A output



There are plenty of external power sources available on the market these days, so your choice really comes down to specifications, efficiency and, if it’s important to you in an item that will spend most of its time in a bag or drawer, design.

The Plox 3000mAh Energy Stick looks like an oversized lipstick tube that pushes out a 30-pin Dock connector when twisted one way, and a USB plug when rotated the other.

Included in the box are a USB cable with interchangeable tips for Mini and Micro USB devices, as well as the Sony PSP and products from Sony Ericsson, LG, Nokia and Samsung.

The Plox plugs into a Mac/PC or a USB AC adaptor to charge its rechargeable Li-ion battery from LG. A row of four blue LEDs light up to show the level of charge when you shake the Plox.

This model is rated at 3000mAh, which means you should get two charges out of it for the iPhone 4 or 4S, which are rated at 1420mAh and 1432mAh respectively. (We’re not looking at the iPhone 5 as this model Plox lacks a Lightning connector. A Lightning model will be out in mid-June.) This was borne out in our testing, where we charged an iPhone 4 in about two hours, using just half of the Plox’s charge.

The charger’s output is 1 amp, which means it’s fine for iPhones and iPods, but won’t charge a 2.1A iPad efficiently. A third-generation Retina iPad slowly charged to 16 percent before this Plox ran out of juice. For 2.1A output, you need the new 6000mAh Plox Powerbox.

On the negative side, the Plox is 11cm long and weighs 90g, which means that it puts a lot of strain on the port it’s plugged into. This worried us to the point that we preferred to use a USB extension cord to avoid potential damage.

Bottom line.

The Plox 3000mAh Energy Stick is efficient and looks good, but bear in mind its capacity and output when choosing.


Australian Distributor: New Age Trading.


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  1. Annie Gaites says:

    Have had PLOX ENERGY stick for 14 months it has stopped charging it appears full but doesn’t charge iPhone 4. Any more do you make a charger for iphone 6S

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