Plantronics Backbeat Fit

Anthony Caruana
22 February, 2015
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Plantronics Backbeat Fit



Very light


Armband design; fit



When it comes to quality personal sound, Plantronics may not be at the top of the list of recognisable brands, but it has a long pedigree in delivering audio accessories. The Backbeat Fit headset lets you listen to music and use your phone.

In our view, great sports headphones start with fit and comfort. Our first impression was that the Backbeat Fit headphones were very easy to put on and comfortable. The in-ear design fitted snugly without feeling like they were driving too deeply into our ear canal. The over-the-ear loop was soft and didn’t cause discomfort.

However, once we were out on the road, we found that they moved around and needed to be adjusted.

Sound quality was good without being brilliant. We listened to several different styles of music and, while they were good enough for training in, exercising audiophiles won’t be satisfied. On the upside, we could still hear ambient sounds such as traffic and cyclists who rang their bells as they were passing us – an important safety consideration and a reason why exercise headsets shouldn’t have complete sound block out.

Most of the controls on the headset were easy to access, although the power switch is hard to find. That’s probably not a bad thing as it means it’s hard to accidentally hit while answering a call or changing the volume using the controls on the earpieces.

Charging is via a micro-USB port hidden under a small cover that ensures no moisture gets into the port. Battery life is rated at about five hours – enough to cover the exercise needs of most people for a week.

As a bonus, the Backbeat Fit headset comes with an armband for carrying your iPhone while training. However, we found that one of the seams caused chafing after about an hour’s use – as a result, we wouldn’t use it.

Bottom line.

The headset moved too much during exercise and, while light, the sound wouldn’t impress audiophiles.

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