Pelican i1075 HardBack Case

Macworld Australia Staff
1 June, 2012
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Pelican i1075 HardBack Case



Tough; very well constructed; lifetime guarantee


Aussie power adaptor won’t fit



There are many reasons you’d want a tough carrying case for your iPad – working in a tough environment or travelling off the beaten track, to name just two.

If you’re in the market, the Pelican i1075 should be your first port of call. We reckon it’s the best tough iPad case we’ve seen, with one caveat for Aussie users.

Slightly bigger than A4 size, the i1075 consists of a hard black plastic shell encasing a rubber interior ingeniously moulded to accommodate your on-the-road paraphernalia. At the bottom are three trays for things such as USB cords and earphones; on top of this, the middle layer accommodates an Apple Wireless Keyboard; and at the very top is the space for the iPad itself. The model we tested was rated for the iPad 1 and 2, but it took a third-generation iPad just as easily.

At the very front of the insert is a space for the iPad’s power brick, which means the case can carry all your essentials. However, this brings us that caveat mentioned above: it won’t take a brick with the Australian prongs attached, so you’ll have to carry yours separately.

Finally, there’s a slot at the back of the insert which, when the case is open, will hold your iPad in a vertical or horizontal position for working or viewing.

So how tough is the i1075? For a start, it will protect your gear against impact or submersion of up to 3m. Also, Pelican guarantees it for a lifetime against breakage or workmanship defects.

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In a leap of faith we loaded the Pelican i1075 up with iPad and accessories and dropped it from standing height and immersed it in the sink. There was no damage or leakage whatsoever. It’s a very impressive case, let down only by the lack of an Aussie-power-brick-friendly insert.


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