NOCS NS400 Titanium Earphones

Dave Bullard
8 January, 2012
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NOCS NS400 Titanium Earphones



Well made; comfortable; good sound for the price


A little muted; marked instrument separation; light bass; no case



Back in December 2010 we reviewed the NS200 Aluminiums – the first earphones to be released by Sweden’s NOCS brand – and said that, while they were well priced for their sound at $79.95, you needed to pay more for a wider dynamic range and more clarity and detail.

Guess what? The NS400s provide a big jump in quality for just $30 more.

For instance, we gave them a run with the new Barenaked Ladies album, Hits From Yesterday & The Day Before, and where you just hear a guitar being strummed when using the NS200s, with the NS400s you can actually hear the pick hitting the strings.

They’re nicely balanced in the midrange and through to the treble, but lack some oomph in the bass; rock fans will find the sound a little thin. Also on the downside, the volume is a a bit muted and there’s a little too much separation in the soundstage. By that, we mean that instead of getting the effect of hearing two instruments separated on a stage in front of you, they pan to the sides of your head instead.

There’s no sound leakage or cable noise, which is great.

Design and build quality are excellent. The NS400s look exactly like the NS200s, with small, minimalist enclosures. The earpieces are very comfortable and, with seven pairs included in the box, you’re bound to get a perfect fit. The earpieces and cords are available in black or white. There’s a three-button remote-and-mic on the cord, so you can control your tunes and make and receive phone calls.

Unlike many earphones at the $100 price-point, there is no carrying case included.

Macworld Australia’s buying advice.

The NOCS NS400 Titaniums are a good all-round package when you balance price, sound, looks, comfort and the presence of a remote and mic.

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