Nikon Coolpix 5100

Barrie Smith
22 December, 2007
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Big question: what do you do with 12 million pixels in a digital image? With Nikon’s flagship digicam, the Coolpix P5100, you’ll need to know.

The camera has a moderate 3.5x optical zoom, compact size and a knubby hand grip that lets you handhold the magnesium alloy-bodied camera with confidence.

Unusually, the P5100 offers two stabilising systems: one employs a default optical lens shift approach and the other, selectable on the mode dial, kicks the ISO setting up to 1600, cancels the flash, raises the shutter speed, shoots a bunch of at least ten pictures, then selects the sharpest of these. You get the best of both worlds!

The camera can handle face-priority AF, an in-camera red eye fix and D-Lighting to enhance brightness and contrast. As well as these there’s also an unusual optimiser for B&W picture making with a choice of four different filters. Then there’s a continuous flash mode that can handle rapid sequence shooting with no need to wait for the flash to recharge.

Australian Macworld’s buying advice. 12 megapixels may seem excessive in a camera this size and at this price, but the advantage of such resolution is the freedom to crop and adjust pictures on the computer afterwards.

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