Netgear WiFi Booster for Mobile

Macworld Australia Staff
28 January, 2013
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Netgear WiFi Booster for Mobile



Easy to install; performs well in smaller areas


Not suited for use in larger, split-level environments



Living in the digital age means being connected and mobile at all times; mobile technology, in particular, demands optimal Wi-Fi coverage to perform the tasks we need them for in and around the home. Unfortunately routers do not reach all areas within a ‘connected’ house and this results in annoying signal dropouts.

Netgear aims to combat the problem with its WiFi Booster for Mobile – an plug-in device that extends existing Wi-Fi coverage in your home for mobile devices. The wireless booster can be plugged directly into a wall outlet. And, more importantly, it’s a cinch to install.

To get started hit the wireless protected setup (WPS) button on the booster and connect via your nominated online browser. This connection takes only a few seconds to activate. The next – and final – step is to connect your mobile device to the booster, also via a browser.

To determine the location that will give you optimal Wi-Fi coverage in the ‘dead zone’ areas, use the booster’s real-time LED lights feature, which indicate signal strength.

The level of performance of the WN1000RP depends on the size and layout of your home. In our testing we used an iPhone and iPad to carry out a range of online activities (sending emails, browsing the web, etc) in the space of a medium-sized apartment.

The WN1000RP is designed to function within smaller areas, and to that end we did not experience any dropouts during our tests. Users wanting to boost their router’s Wi-Fi signal in larger, or multi-level environments are going to need a stronger artillery, which Netgear does offer in its current range of extenders.

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Netgear’s WiFi Booster for Mobile is a valuable peripheral to your existing router’s Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home. The WN1000RP’s performance is, however, conditional on area; in smaller spaces it excels, but in larger, split-level environments, more powerful devices are required.


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