NetComm NP504 Powerline Adapters

Anthony Caruana
8 July, 2012
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NetComm NP504 Powerline Adapters



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Many houses or offices have an area that’s too difficult to run Ethernet cables into or can’t get a decent wireless signal. Perhaps there’s a device in your home like a Blu-ray player or Xbox that has an Ethernet port but no wireless. How do you get them onto your network? The answer is in your walls – use the electricity cabling to carry data.

NetComm’s NP504 500Mbps Powerline Adapters with AC Pass-through do just that.

The NP504 comes as a kit with two Ethernet cables and two adapters. The adapter plugs into a standard power outlet and you can then piggy-back another device so that you don’t lose a power outlet to your network. We started by connecting one adapter to our router and another to an outlet in the same room and then hooking up a MacBook to it via Ethernet.

Within a few seconds, the two adapters found each other and the computer was active on the network. There was no software to install and no messing about – it just worked. Similarly, a Blu-ray player was able to connect to the internet for system updates and BD-Live content.

The only situation we tested that didn’t work was where we tried to connect our home to the home office. Although they are on the same property, they are cabled via different fuse boxes so they are electrically isolated from each other.

Performance was solid with good throughput that was in keeping with the 500Mbps rating. In our testing, they ran at about half the speed of a Gigabit connection.

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The NetComm NP504 500Mbps Powerline Adapters with AC Pass-through make it easy to extend your network without having to do a bunch of additional cabling.

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