Monster Diamond Tears EDGE headphones

Macworld Australia Staff
21 December, 2012
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Monster Diamond Tears EDGE headphones



High-level sound clarity; lightweight; good fit


Gaudy design; expensive



The adage goes, ‘Never judge a book by its cover’, but in the case of Monster’s Diamond Tears EDGE Headphones, the design is hard to ignore.

As the name suggests, the headphones’ ear components are sculpted to emulate tear- shaped diamonds.

The luxe concept is great in theory, but in reality, large-scale reproductions built from multi- coloured plastic may not be to everyone’s taste.

Which brings us to price, an important factor to consider when you see the $399 tag. This is a hefty cost for most on-ear headphones, especially ones that a lot of people might consider gaudy.

Where the gem analogy does work is in the audio quality itself; the Diamond Tears produce crystal-clear sound, deftly handling mid- and high- frequencies across a range of music genres. Bass quality is also strong, without being overbearing.

Overall, we were impressed with the Diamond’s sonic performance, and also surprised, because its aesthetic belies its true capabilities.

In addition to high-quality sound, the Diamonds’ build is lightweight and machined to fit well, unlike other models that can tend to sit uncomfortably on your head and either side of your ears.

Other welcome features include three, interchangeable cables; a universal cord that works with any mobile device with Control Talk to make calls, one for Apple devices with Control Talk and a third for straight listening to music.

A cleaning cloth and carry case are included.

Macworld Australia’s buying advice.

We don’t expect a mainstream audience will take to these headphones due to their ostentatious design, and, indeed, high price tag.

But, if you’re partial to a bit of sparkle, you’ll happily benefit from the top-level audio and thoughtful construction of the Diamond Tears.


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