MediaDevil Magicwand

Cliff Jospeh, Macworld UK
8 April, 2012
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MediaDevil Magicwand



Responsive rubberised tip; neat and compact, choice of colours; built-in clip; reasonably priced


Lanyard adds little to the overall feel and proved a distraction

£9.95 ($15) + Shipping


British-based MediaDevil has made something of a name for itself by selling more than one million screen protectors for devices such as the iPad and iPhone worldwide.

The company has recently started expanding its range of accessories. Among them is the Magicwand, a neat and affordable capacitive touchscreen stylus. Available in a choice of four colours, including the sexy-sounding hot pink, it’s both compact and lightweight enough to carry anywhere.

Like many of the styluses already available on the market, the Magicwand uses a rubberised tip for mark making. Results on a range of tasks, both work-related and leisure-based, were fine and consistently solid.

The Magicwand comes with a useful built-in clip for pocket or storage and a not-so-useful lanyard. The lanyard, which attaches to the earphone socket on your device for safekeeping and ready use, adds little and indeed we found it to be distracting during the review. Thankfully, it’s easily detached, so you can decide for yourself how useful the lanyard might be for daily use.

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The Magicwand is another simple iPad stylus worthy of your attention, that does a fair job with all Apple iOS devices and probably any touchscreen. While we could live without the lanyard, the built-in clip is useful for keeping your stylus safe and close by.


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