Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard for Mac

Peter Cohen, Macworld
15 December, 2012
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Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard



Solid mechanical key response; quieter than before; three USB 2.0 ports


Keyboard body looks a little cheap; key response slightly less crisp than Tactile Pro

US$149.95 + shipping


Matias has long been a champion of mechanical keyboards, which use real, physical switches underneath the keys. The company’s flagship Tactile Pro 3 keyboard is the current go-to keyboard for many long-time mechanical-keyboard enthusiasts.

The only problem is that typing on the Tactile Pro is loud. Matias has worked hard to fix that in its newest mechanical keyboard, the Quiet Pro Keyboard for Mac.

The keyboard, which has a silver case with black keys to mimic Apple’s hardware, looks a bit clunky and heavy, but that’s par for the course: Mechanical keyboards are, by their nature, much heftier than their membrane (non- mechanical) and laptop-style counterparts.

The silver-plastic finish looks a bit cheap, but the Quiet Pro is solid and very well constructed. It includes an internal USB hub that provides three USB 2.0 ports.

The Quiet Pro’s 109-key layout will be familiar to anyone with experience using Apple’s current-model keyboard with numeric keypad. There are 18 F-keys, with most of the first 12 offering special functions for brightness, Mission Control and the like.

What makes the Quiet Pro’s mechanical switches so much quieter than before are rubber bumpers that dampen the sound of each key press.

Compare the Quiet Pro to the Tactile Pro 3 directly and the difference in noise level is readily apparent. There’s still an audible clicking sound coming from the Quiet Pro, but it’s much less ‘clacky’ than before.

The dampers that make the Quiet Pro quiet do make the key action feel slightly softer than with the Tactile Pro, but most people would need to test both keyboards together, side by side, to notice the difference.

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If you’ve never used a mechanical keyboard before, the Quiet Pro is a great model to start with – it provides solid tactile feedback and reassuring key response without the obnoxiously loud key sounds.

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