Logitech case+ range

Jonathan Stewart
7 February, 2014
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Logitech case+ range

Logitech, www.logitech.com/en-au


Sizeable battery boost from +energy; +drive is quick and easy to use


Heavy case; +drive lost grip during testing

$39.95 (case+tilt); $69.95 (case+drive); $119.95 (case+energy)


The case+ range from Logitech is based around a metal-backed, iPhone 5/5s case. Logitech has released three accessories that attach magnetically or clip onto the case to aid users when driving, recharging and propping up their smartphone.

The central element is the case+. It features cut-outs for all iPhone buttons, switches and ports; feels very durable and is available in white/grey and black/grey. While it feels sturdy and adds noticeable weight to the iPhone, the case+ does come offer some flexibility.

The first of the three additions is the +tilt. Available in six colours, it doesn’t cover the front of an iPhone like Apple’s iPad Smart Cover, despite its similar appearance; rather the +tilt attaches to the rear and provides a kickstand. The cover is thin and extremely lightweight, adding very little inconvenience.

A useful feature that we missed, but thankfully Logitech pointed out, is the option to use the +tilt as a two-sided magnet to mount your iPhone to metal surfaces. With the +tilt attached flat across the rear of the case+ or folded in a triangular shape, the case+ will stick to metal surfaces quite firmly. After trying it on a variety of metal objects around our office, we felt quite confident in leaving our iPhone hanging metres from the ground.

The +energy is the most expensive accessory in the case+ range, but offers the most. The backup battery clips onto the back of the case+ and offers a significant battery boost to both an iPhone 5 (160 percent increase) and an iPhone 5s (146 percent increase). The back of the +energy features four LEDs representing the remaining charge and an on/off button.

The battery case is recharged via an included MicroUSB to USB cable. The downside of the +energy is its weight and the protruding Lightning connector at the base. The added 120g that the case brings is quite noticeable and may annoy those carrying their iPhone for long periods.

The third accessory is the +drive. It is an intriguing change to the traditional windshield mount. Rather than tightening arms or clips to hold the iPhone securely in place, the case+ snaps onto +drive with a strong magnetic pull. This works really well, saving both time and effort every time you enter and exit your car. Great concept for those who duck in and out of their car frequently, such as a courier.

In testing, the magnet held the iPhone in place during sharp vertical and horizontal movements but the same couldn’t be said for the +drive’s window suction, which released its grip and dropped. Not an ideal situation when driving.

The accessories in the case+ range are available with or without accompanying cases. On its own, the +tilt is $19.95, the +energy is $99.95 and the +drive is $49.95. A replacement case will cost you $29.95.

Bottom line.

The case+ range is durable and offers a number of useful additions for most iPhone users. However, the price of the +drive is fairly steep and the added weight of the case+ may put some users off.

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