Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T350 headphones

Anthony Caruana
27 April, 2013
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Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T350

Powermove, www.powermove.com.au


Excellent sound; comfortable





Who hasn’t dreamed of owning a Ferrari? It turns out that if you can’t afford to put your butt into the driver’s seat that you can wrap a Ferrari around your head.

The Ferrari Cavallino T350 active noise-cancelling headphones come replete with the famous prancing horse and soft, tan leather trim that makes you feel like you own a piece of the Italian motoring legend.

They require two AAA batteries. There are also three audio cables – a straight 3.5mm cable, another with a Play/Pause button and a third with volume. Airline and 7.5mm adapters are included, and all can be stored in a solid case that looks a bit like a fairly large designer handbag that is unlikely to fit into a slip, laptop bag – it’s definitely backpack-sized.

The ear cups are comfortable and have plenty of adjustment so the T350s could fit even the largest heads. Our only complaint was that the T350s were a little heavy. While they were fine when worn for an hour so, we felt that they might be uncomfortable after a long-haul flight.

Audio quality was excellent. We used a recording of ambient noise from a plane and boosted the volume to see how well the noise cancellation worked. When the NC was on, ambient sound was significantly reduced.

Unlike many headphones, the T350s don’t overwhelm with bass. There was clear range so we could hear every instrument clearly. Sound quality was simply excellent.

Bottom line.

These elegant ‘phones cost about 1/100,000th of a new Ferrari and deliver excellent sound quality. The NC is effective and they are comfortable, although a little heavy.

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  1. Mac Monk says:

    Wowww, beautiful piece of kit. The thing that I can’t quite get over with all noise reducing headphones is that when you talk eg: phone call, it sounds like your own voice reverberates in your head.

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