Libris Leather Case for iPad mini

Mark Hattersley
5 February, 2013
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Libris Leather Case



Keeps iPad mini safe, nicely stitched fake leather


Bulks out the iPad mini

£34.99 + shipping


The Libris Leather case by Qdos is an imitation leather case for the iPad mini set in stylish red. The Libris Leather case if fairly straightforward. The iPad mini slides inside a flap with holes cut out (for screen, cameras, home button, and so on). A flap tucks in behind the iPad mini to hold it in place.

The Libris Leather front flap covers the iPad mini display, and can be held in place with an elasticated band. On the inside of the front flap are two pull out leather stands (again attached with elastic) that form either a vertical or horizontal stand.

It’s a neat if somewhat school book-ish approach, as opposed to corporate executive. It lacks the simplicity (and stylish complexity) of Apple’s own Smart Cover, but is a more effective case for actually protecting the iPad mini, given that it covers both front and back in something substantial.

It does add a fair amount of bulk to the iPad mini, which is not wholly welcome on a device that normally weighs next to nothing. But it offers a fair amount of protection and is smart and stylish to boot.

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The Libris Leather case is a nice, well made cover that keeps the iPad mini safe. It lacks some of the high-tech features found on many cases and covers (like the magnetic on/off of the Smart Cover) but does the job of simple protection admirably.

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