LG Music Flow

Adam Turner
22 November, 2014
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LG Music Flow

LG, www.lg.com/au


Bluetooth; NFC; 24-bit audio


Slightly brash sound

From $249


The H3, H5 and H7 speakers follow the typical small, medium, large speaker offering favoured by multi-room audio systems. You’ll also find the HS6 soundbar/subwoofer bundle, plus a network bridge for linking the speakers in a dual-band 2.4/5GHz mesh wireless network. Speakers feature a line-in for playing music from external devices, but you can’t send that sound to other speakers around your home. There’s no Music Flow adapter for hooking up your existing sound system.

You control the Music Flow system via an iOS or Android app, playing the same song in sync throughout your house or sending different songs to different rooms. You can play music from your handheld device, from your home network via DLNA, from internet radio or from a few subscription services including Spotify and TuneIn (with more to come). Alternatively, you can stream directly to any speaker via Bluetooth.

Music Flow’s party trick is that built-in NFC (near field communication) lets you tap your phone on a speaker to play music – handy for Android users, but no use to iPhone fans because Apple locks down NFC. You can also use LG’s Home Chat ecosystem when you’re on the road to queue up music so it’s playing when you walk in the front door.

The surprise inclusion is support for 24-bit audio, letting you stream high-definition lossless audio files such as FLAC and WAV – handy if that’s how you’ve ripped your music library.

While Music Flow is designed to do high-quality music justice, you may be underwhelmed with the sound quality.

If you’ve a keen ear and you favour the clean and precise Sonos speakers, then you may find your music sounds a little too brash and overblown via Music Flow.

Bottom line.

LG Music Flow is feature-packed and flexible, but it can’t match the sound quality of Sonos and Pure.

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