LaCie Bolt3

Anthony Caruana
20 October, 2017
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LaCie Bolt3



Fast, stylish





If you have a spare $2700 and the need for a really fast external hard drive then LaCie has the perfect wallet-lightener for you. The LaCie Bolt3 packs a pair of 1TB M.2 SSDs into a body that looks great. With a fast Thunderbolt 3 connection, the Bolt3 will probably run faster than the drive inside your Mac. And it looks great too.

The Bolt3′s body houses a pair of 1TB M.2 SSDs and sits on a base, seemingly perched on its corner. The Neil Poulton designed 785 gram case is made of aluminium, with the only spoiler to the overall aesthetic an ugly power supply. Those drives can be configured as a RAID0 array, giving the Bolt3 2TB of capacity.

LaCie says the Bolt3 can ingest data at a rate in excess of of 1GB of data every second – the sort of write performance required if you’re into editing 4K or 6K video. And that’s LaCie’s target audience – it’s a drive for professionals looking for premium performance.

Connectivity is via Thunderbolt 3 and you can daisy-chain another device off the Bolt3 as it has a pair of connectors. So you can hook the Bolt3 to your Mac and then connect a display (LaCie says it can support a pair of 4K displays or one 5K display) or up to five drives.

I tried moving lots of data while watching video, watching multiple HD videos and all sorts of other things I would not ordinarily do to an external hard drive. The Bolt3 was flawless. That fast performance promised by the device’s specs delivered.

Macworld Australia‘s buying advice: You can pick up 4TB of regular spinning storage for under $200 these days. LaCie’s Bolt3 offers far less space for $2700. But the price premium is all about performance. Think of it as being the difference between buying a four-door family sedan and a Porsche Panamera. Sure, at one level they’re similar, but there’s a world of difference when the rubber hits the road.

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