Kogan Pro Urban DJ Studio Bluetooth 2.1 Headphones

Anthony Caruana
1 August, 2014
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Kogan Pro Urban DJ Studio Bluetooth 2.1 Headphones

Kogan, www.kogan.com/au


Light; inexpensive


Uncomfortable; no documentation



Once we got over some initial frustration, we were pleasantly surprised by the Kogan wireless headphones. There’s no documentation in the box, as Kogan prefers to provide all product manuals online. Ostensibly, this is an environmental stance, although we wonder how much of it is to help keep product pricing low.

The pairing process for these headphones wasn’t exactly as described in the manual, but we did get them going after a little bit of fiddling about.

The Pro Urban DJ Studio Headphones are quite light and fitted well, although we’d have preferred a little more padding on the top section. After about 20 minutes, we could feel the weight on the top of our head. Padding around the ears was adequate and helped block out external noise.

Sound quality was very good. There are controls for play/pause, skipping back and forward through tracks and adjusting the volume. Our only complaint was that there was some distortion at higher volumes that we didn’t notice with the other headphones we tested.

Charging is handled over USB – as it was for all the headsets in this Group Test. That’s probably not a big deal for most people, although it could be annoying if you’re a traveller and planning to use the Pro Urban DJ Studio Headphones on a plane where charging options are limited. On the other hand, adding batteries is likely to increase the weight.

We used the Pro Urban DJ Studio Headphones to make and receive calls. The power button also acts as a call/hang-up button. Sound quality at our end was fine, but the parties we called noted that the sound was muffled and that there was a noticeable background hum. As a result, they found it hard to hear what we were saying unless we spoke slowly.

Bottom line.

The Kogan Pro Urban DJ Studio Bluetooth 2.1 Headphones will fit the bill for those looking for expensive-looking wireless headphones on a budget.

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