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5 November, 2012
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KAKKOii, until.com.au


Great design, build quality and sound


Can’t be run as a stereo pair



You can see why they call this the WOW. When we turned on this mini Bluetooth speaker in the office, we turned to each other and said, “Wow!”

The funky-shaped, brightly-coloured silicone housings are about the size of a mug and house a 4W, 1.4in driver that pumps out a surprisingly big sound for its size – helped by the horn shape of the speaker.

The shape also means you can direct the sound by lying the unit on its side, or get a wide dispersion by pointing it upwards.

The audio is quite refined and pleasing, though not overly detailed, and can be cranked up quite loud (85dB) without distortion. The WOWs can’t be run as a stereo pair, so you’re limited to mono sound.

It’s so easy to use – just press the big Power button at the rear, turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and the WOW will show up as ‘KAKKOii’ in the Devices list.

On a Mac, you’ll have to go to the Bluetooth icon in the Menu Bar and select ‘Set up Bluetooth device’ in the drop- down menu. The WOW can also be used with any non-Apple Bluetooth sources.

All your control, including volume, is done via the source device.

The WOW is powered by an inbuilt rechargeable battery that takes its juice via a USB cable that’s included in the box.

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The world is moving away from docking speaker systems and towards wireless streaming, so the KAKKOii WOW is the right product at the right time. It has a really pleasing design, comes in five bright colours, is very well made and has a sound that’s better than most speakers this size. For stockists see until.com.au/stockists or call (02) 9119 8700.

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  1. Justin Smith says:

    Cannot for the life of me connect my new Wow speaker to either my iPhone or Macbook. Any help welcomed.!!!!! thanks

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