Kaiser Baas iPad PhotoScanner

Kyron Timbs
15 May, 2013
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Kaiser Baas iPad PhotoScanner

Kaiser Baas, www.kaiserbaas.com


Easy to use; good image quality; free app


No Lightning adapter; no manual included



Before the days of the digital camera, most people printed out pictures, meaning there are a lot of printed photos lying around. Using the Kaiser Baas iPad PhotoScanner you can scan and upload all of your favourite memories to your iPad.

As appealing as flicking through a photo album is to some, the PhotoScanner allows you to upload your original photos and digitalise them so they never fade, rip or get stolen. This is one of the easiest ways to protect your printed photos or documents.

The Photo Scanner is equipped with a 30-pin dock which will fit the first three generations of the iPad. You supply its power by inserting a USB cable from the scanner into your iPad charger. The iPad will begin charging while connected to the scanner even when it is not in use, so you don’t need to worry about it shutting off in mid-scan.

First you must download Mustek Systems’ free i-Scan app and undergo a short walk-through to calibrate. After that the Scanner is ready to go.

Connect power to the PhotoScanner then dock the iPad; the app needs to be opened while the iPad is connected. Adjust the paper guide and insert your photo or document. Then touch ‘Scan’ on your screen.

The photo or document will be pulled into the Scanner and a real-time preview is shown while it scans. You can scan any photo or document up to A4 size. If you are satisfied with the image, tap ‘Save’ and insert the next photo/document.

Although it’s called a PhotoScanner, another important use is document capture. We scanned a variety of documents including bills, sheet music and letters. In every case the document was clear and readable, making it handy for converting documents when travelling.

Each photo takes about 10 seconds to be scanned and stored on the iPad. The PhotoScanner pulls images in at 300dpi, not as high as most professional scanners but well and truly good enough for preserving photos digitally.

One of the downsides to this product is that it doesn’t have a Lightning adapter to enable it to connect with the new generations of iPad such as the iPad mini.

Bottom line.

All up the Kaiser Baas iPad PhotoScanner is a great product that lets you cherish your treasured photos forever. It can also be useful with important documents you may need to email or keep. It’s a really helpful tool that is perfect for the office but not so much for everyday life.


Kyron Timbs is a 14-year-old from Western Australia whose life revolves around Apple.


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  1. Steve Cooper says:

    I’ve had experience with a number of Kaiser Baas scanner products and not to put too fine a point on it, their image quality has been rubbish. The only one that I laid my own money out for, went back to the retailer the next day. He wasn’t surprised, and told me that this was a common outcome of such a purchase. Asked why he stocked the device, he could only say “It’s cheap”.

  2. Kyron Timbs says:

    I thought that too but seeing there aren’t many Tablet scanners/printers it was relatively good.

  3. Macworld Australia Staff says:

    I’ve had mixed results with Kaiser Baas products, Steve, but in this case it seems pretty good. Anthony Caruana also gave it a four-mouse rating in a review written for touch magazine.


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