Jawbone UP

Anthony Caruana
7 March, 2014
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Jawbone UP

Jawbone, www.jawbone.com


Easy to use; great app


Not fully waterproof



If the word from this year’s CES is to be believed, then 2014 will be all about wearable tech. The Jawbone UP is a bracelet that monitors you to provide information about your movements and sleep.

The UP is made up of just a handful of simple components. Within the bracelet, which comes in three different sizes and colours, are just a few components. There’s a small battery that keeps the UP going for about 10 days, an accelerometer that measures movement and some memory for storing data between syncs to your iOS device.

Syncing is via a 3.5mm connector that plugs into a headphone port. Charging is via the same port using a USB cable that comes with the UP.

The new UP24, which wasn’t yet available in Australia during our test period, adds Bluetooth LE syncing, but that reduces battery life by a couple of days.

Jawbone’s secret sauce for the UP is the iOS app. Jawbone’s app takes the data from the wristband’s motion sensor and runs it through algorithms to provide meaningful data. For example, before sleeping, pressing the button on the end of the UP tells the device that you’re about to sleep. By capturing your movement and then analysing it, the app tells you how much time you spent in light and deep sleep.

You can also use it to log exercise sessions.

The app also allows you to enter your meals and it provides information about the nutritional value of your food. The app connects to a database that delivers plenty of data.

Most of the foods we ate, including fast foods, were already in the database. That meant we had an accurate log of food intake, activity and sleep that we could use to adjust our lifestyle in order to
be a little healthier.

Bottom line.

The UP is comfortable to wear, easy to use and can be a useful tool in improving your health.

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  1. Bradley Chapman says:

    I own one. I like it. I agree with Anthony’s article that it is easy to use and delivers relevant, useful info on lifestyle choices. Missing from his article strangely, is that Jawbone works with iPhone 4 and later, unlike the fitbit offerings that start at 4S.

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