Jabra SPORT Stereo Headset

Anthony Caruana
20 February, 2015
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Jabra SPORT Stereo Headset

Jabra, www.jabra.com.au


Sound quality; light


Fit; difficult controls



Jabra’s SPORT Stereo Headset looks the part. With its bright yellow trim and rubberised casing it has a sporty feel.

We paired the headset to an iPhone 6 and took it out for a run. Although it was reasonably comfortable to wear, we found that the headset kept slipping and falling out of our ears despite trying all three different earpieces. We also had another person try them, to ensure that our ears weren’t the problem, and they had the same issue.

The controls on the SPORT Stereo Headset were difficult to operate as well. The buttons were hard to find while wearing the device and we found that pressing the buttons required a firm enough push that we ended up dislodging the headset. So, while the volume toggle and play/pause button were functional, they were hard to use.

Battery life is rated at four hours for music playback – a figure we were able to achieve in our testing and long enough for most recreational exercisers.

As well as listening to music, you can receive calls using the SPORT Stereo Headset as there’s an in-built microphone. It’s also very durable. Jabra has tested it to US military grade for rain, shock and dust protection.

Sound quality was very good. One benefit from the less than snug fit was that we could still hear some ambient noise. This is important from a safety point of view. We could also have the SPORT Stereo Headset simultaneously paired to two devices, which made it handy for listening to tunes in the office and as a headset with our Mac for FaceTime.

Bottom line.

The Jabra Headset offers very good sound and boasts a sporty look, but the controls were a little difficult.

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