iWALK Chameleon battery case for iPhone

Macworld Australia Staff
12 September, 2012
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iWALK Chameleon

iWALK, www.anyware.com.au


Delivers a full charge; comes with five colour options


Upper covers a bit bright; not the coolest looking case



There’s nothing worse than being caught out with a flat iPhone when you’re on the road and away from a powerrpoint. That’s where an external battery pack comes in handy.

Korean brand iWALK makes a range of options. This one, the Chameleon, is a battery integrated into an iPhone 4/4S case.

It has two main selling points. First, it’s a 2000mAh model, which means you’ll get a full iPhone 4 charge out of it. You can leave the pack turned off until you need it, or turn it on straight away and use its power first, extending the life of your phone battery.

Second, it comes with a variety of replaceable upper covers in five colours: White, Black, Pink, Lime and Yellow. The lower half of the case is a rubber-touch black plastic.

When assembled the Chameleon is within a millimetre or two of similar units. Adding 6mm to the width, 1.2cm to the length and 8mm to the depth of an iPhone 4S, it’s not exactly svelte, but it’s not too bulky either. It weighs 78g.

Three blue LEDs on the base of the unit make it easy to tell how much power you have left or what the charging status is. A micro USB port can be used to connect to your Mac for charging and synching with iTunes, so there’s no need to remove your iPhone.

Macworld Australia’s buying advice. The iWALK Chameleon does just what it’s supposed to – extend the working time of your iPhone. Our only quibbles are that the covers are a bit bright and the case itself could have a nicer design.

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