iPod Gizmo of the month: Phone Fingers

Matthew JC. Powell
22 November, 2007
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Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch, with their sleek, glassy, touch-sensitive surfaces, simply call out to be stroked. Indeed, that’s the only way you can use them. So what happens if, like most of us, you have greasy, oily fingers with dead skin, ear wax and the detritus of the day caked upon them?

Your gorgeous device is going to look a little icky before too long.

Enter Phone Fingers, latex finger gloves for use with touch-sensitive devices such as iPhone and iPod touch (and probably other devices as well).

Generally speaking, these devices won’t work with gloves on because the screens react only to skin contact and most gloves are too thick. The Phone fingers are so thin that your iPod doesn’t know you’re wearing them and there’s zero loss of sensation — it’s like going bareback. And they’re available in sizes ranging from small to extra large — to suit all sizes of appendage.

At first glance, of course, Phone Fingers look like a joke product, but all indications are they’re legit. And of so, they would keep your iPod touch or iPhone screen looking good for longer. And think of the attention you’ll get using them in public.

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