ioSafe Rugged Portable

Tim Grey
8 September, 2011
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ioSafe Rugged Portable



Extremely durable; relatively light; snappily attired


USB 3.0 useless on Mac; no FireWire

$329 (250GB); $429 (500GB); $529 (750GB); $629 (1TB)


How often have you shot your portable hard drive with a shotgun, only to be severely disappointed to find you’ve lost your valuable files? Annoying, I know.

Happily, hard drive manufacturer ioSafe has come up with a way to minimise bullet-driven data loss with the ioSafe Rugged Portable.

This slim, svelte drive built from an insanely durable aluminium case, won’t only handle shotgun blasts: it’ll resist pressure of up to 1134kg (like being driven over by a car, say); it’s shock-protected for up to 10 drops; will withstand being immersed in fresh or salt water for up to three days; handle being dipped in diesel, oil, aircraft fuel or hydraulic fluids; operates at 4572m; and is protected from continuous exposure to dust, UV, sand, rain, salt fog, ice or freezing rain.

Such a degree of protection is impressive in and of itself, but the ioSafe Rugged Portable manages to build in the heavy-duty security without really compromising on aesthetics.

Many ‘ruggedised’ accessories give added durability by tripling their size. Not the ioSafe. At 750GB, the drive’s not substantially larger than other portables (although it’s a little heavier) and its case is almost identical to the sparkly aluminium of a MacBook Pro.

Speeds are, as to be expected, only as good as USB 2.0 can provide. Our tests measured 28.1 MBps write speeds and 34.8 MBps read. USB 3.0 can provide markedly better results, but of course your Apple devices aren’t compatible.

A FireWire (or Thunderbolt) port would have made the ioSafe Rugged the perfect portable HDD.

Macworld Australia’s buying advice

Users who find themselves perpetually on the move will adore the ioSafe Rugged. Photographers, in particular, who are understandably protective of their data but regularly find themselves in situations where they’re likely to compromise it, will find in the ioSafe a reliable drive that provides adequate storage space and speeds coupled with serious peace of mind.


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  1. Neil Forbes says:

    Can you purchase these in Australia, if so – who from

  2. Macworld Australia Staff says:

    That’s a product from 2011 – I’m sure it’s been well and truly superseded now. But a search fro ruggedised hard drives should reveal some newer options.

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