InCase Sonic

Nick Broughall
14 July, 2012
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InCase Sonic



Comfortable over-ear design; solid quality


’80′s design; no folding mechanism



The InCase Sonics have the kind of design that wouldn’t have looked out of place in an early ’80s Olivia Newton John video clip. With a two-tone colour system that includes a bright fluoro within the earcup, and a combination of dull matte plastic and rubberised cable, the Sonics do feel to be slightly dated in the design department.

Fortunately, the same criticisms can’t be leveled at the sound quality. The Sonics rip through bass notes with ease, without washing out the midrange. The high end is perhaps a little bit weakened by the headphone, but given the general quality of MP3 files these days, not too many people will complain.

The design of the suede-covered earcups are extremely comfortable for an over-ear pair of headphones, completely encasing the ear without putting unnecessary pressure on the listener’s hearing holes. The closed design keeps most of the music personal, although at high volumes your affection for ’80s hair bands will quickly become public knowledge.

Uniquely for the headphones tested, the InCase models don’t offer any folding mechanism for transportation, making them the bulkiest option for commuters by a long way. The grey-and-blue pair tested did come with a shimmery silver case that looked to have just escaped the ’80s, but it didn’t reduce the size of the headphones.

The in-line remote is perhaps the simplest and worst to actually use. Big embossed plus and minus buttons make finding where to press simple, but actually pressing them feels uncomfortable.

Macworld Australia’s buying advice.

At $180, the Sonics are significantly cheaper than most of the other head- phones on test. The audio quality makes them a good buy, so long as you can envis- age yourself going out in public with the bulk and retro design.

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  1. Tri says:

    I actually feel that these headphones (which I’ve just received in the mail) are visually appealing as well as comfortable.

    I’m not an 80s person by style nor taste…but since we live in a day and age where “old” is the new “new”…combining the fluro highlights (on chord and hidden to the listener in the earcups) with the overall minimalism evident in the design, I believe these headphones to have actually encapsulated the times which we live in.

    Great right up including your own sense of style and description of audio quality!

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