HP UPS T750 G2

Adam Turner
6 July, 2014
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HP UPS T750 G2

HP, www.hp.com.au


Highest efficiency


No readout; no Mac software



This HP is rated at 750VA and features a 10-amp circuit breaker. You’ll find four power connectors on the back, the C13 sockets typically found on computing gear rather than standard power points. Every socket offers battery backup and surge protection to filter out power spikes, with two power cables in the box. You’ll also find Ethernet jacks to filter out spikes on your network cables.

There’s no readout on the front, just power, battery, load and service lights. HP compensates by offering the advanced administration tools, with the ability to connect to a computer via USB or serial port. Advanced features include schedule power-on and power-off to the UPS and attached equipment, prioritised shutdown and a hot-swappable battery. You’re paying extra for these features, although they may be wasted on home/SOHO users.

Unfortunately, HP doesn’t supply Mac management software, only Windows, although the UPS does show up under the Energy Saver System Preferences on your Mac.

The HP features a quiet fan, which ramps up when the power is cut. The UPS beeps every four seconds, which you can mute, although there’s no additional warning as the remaining battery time runs low – particularly frustrating when there’s no front readout panel.

Tested with a quad-core Mac Pro hooked up to a 24in Dell monitor, using 210 watts, the HP ran for 14 minutes and 50 seconds – offering the shortest runtime of the bunch, but the best efficiency at 1.18 seconds per VA.

While a 750VA UPS should be enough to handle a desktop computer and monitor, don’t skimp on the VA rating if you’re looking to power extra devices. If the UPS is underrated for the power load, then it may fail to keep your computer and other devices running when the power is cut.

Bottom line.

Expensive, but sporting the lowest capacity battery, the HP doesn’t offer great value for home/SOHO users.

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