Henge Docks Docking Station

Ben Harvell
16 April, 2012
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Henge Docks Docking Station

Henge Docks, hengedocks.com/


Handy for adding a MacBook to a desktop or home entertainment setup


Expensive, fiddly to setup

From US$64.95 + shipping


Docks for iOS devices have long been big sellers and Henge Docks aims to buck that trend and make docking all about the Apple laptop, albeit with some DIY required.

Available for all Apple laptops including the 13in MacBook Pro we tested with, the docking station when unboxed is merely an upright stand. You are then required to attach the requisite cables through corresponding slots and fix them with screws and an Allen key. The docking station comes with a selection of cables including USB and Ethernet, but you do have to supply your own MagSafe cable. While affixing each you can’t help but wonder if two-way ports on the docking station might have been a better option for connecting cables than the holes and fiddly assembly it currently offers.

When correctly setup, the cables that once hung from the side of your laptop now align with the MacBook’s ports allowing you to slide your device in and out of the stand when you need to. But who needs to? The Henge Docks docking station is really only suitable for two types of user. The first are those who regularly connect their laptop to their TV. Positioning the docking station next to your home entertainment setup is ideal and unobtrusive. The second group are those who use a second display with their laptop or connect to it remotely when it’s not on their lap.

Everyday users that don’t fit into these two brackets need not apply.

Simply docking a laptop to charge it when not in use is fairly redundant and, if you’re not using an external display, space saving and reduced cable clutter are the only real benefits provided. Couple this limited use with a remarkably high cost for what’s offered and you’re left with an incredibly niche product that’s expensive even for those who gain true value from it.

Macworld Australia’s buying advice

Everyday users not using a second display or connecting their laptop to a TV might be lured by the term “docking station” but, in truth, the Henge Docks docking station is more a useful cable management solution than it is a traditional dock.


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  1. Matt J says:

    I bought one of these for my computer machine sorry MacBook Pro 15″ the one before Thunderbolt update (unless i’m babbling) anyways, the point was to use a monitor for the main screen but because I am not happy with my screen, i’m using the MBP as it is. Open. The Docking Station looks good, made well and comes with cables but because I use my MBP on the road a bit and like to move around, I’m not using it.

    The other problem is when I’m using the MBP, it heats up pretty damn fast and hot too. When I use the external monitor the screen must be fully closed – as it would be in place in the Docking Station… so the screen being closed the whole body of the MBP gets fairly hot. That’s what I don’t like about it.

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