Harmony G XT guitar pedal creates your own choir

Keith White
9 August, 2010
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Harmony G XT

TC Helicon, www.tc-helicon.com


Wide range of amazing harmonies and effects


None significant



In the May edition of Australian Macworld I raved about the Harmony-G vocal harmony and FX pedal for guitarists. I also promised to review the main features of its successor – the Harmony-G XT.

First up let’s briefly recap how it all works. Plug your guitar and microphone cables into the unit en route to your amplifier. The G XT analyses your guitar input to create the vocal intervals you have chosen.

Externally both Harmony models are identical apart from the addition of a micro USB port on the rear panel of the G XT. The changes are internal, and deliver improvements in sound quality and an even wider range of options. Some of these have been ported from big brother VoiceLive 2.

A major improvement is Automatic Pitch Correction; ‘automatic’ meaning it’s always at work. The latest version can be downloaded by powering up your G XT and connecting it to your Mac via the supplied USB cable. Open up the Voice Support applet which comes on CD with the G XT and follow the instructions. As well as the download function you can use Voice Support to view training materials and to back up presets you have created.

The G XT comes with 10 presets, each of which combines two harmony voices at varying harmonic intervals, with one of six FX settings, each of which has three variations.

Combi and SFX combine reverb with chorus, flange and detune effects. Use these presets straight out of the box or mix and match the intervals and FX options to create your own.

The Double button adds an overdub style, now with four variations, which you can use on its own or with the harmony voices. The Tone button reduces boom, adds brightness and compression, softens harsh consonants and gates your voice to prevent other instruments intruding. If you don’t like the default setting there are seven other options available with variations of these effects.

Australian Macworld’s buying advice

The G XT is a significant improvement on the already impressive Harmony-G. Plug it in, strum a chord and sing Amazing Grace with your own choir!

This review originally appeared in the July issue of Australian Macworld magazine.

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