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Keith White
12 June, 2015
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iKlip Grip

IK Multimedia, IK Multimedia


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Recently released by IK Multimedia iKlip Grip is a multifunctional handheld stand for a smartphone. The Grip is the latest addition to the family which includes iKlip Xpand, iKlip Xpand MINI and iKlip Xpand Stand.

Smart design means that the iKlip Grip can function as a grip handle, a small desktop tripod, a monopod or an extended tripod. The grip handle itself is about 15cm long and sits very easily in the hand. The holding bracket for my iPhone is expandable with spring-loaded rubber contact surfaces and will accommodate phones with screen sizes from 9cm to 15cm. And I don’t need to take my phone out of its protective case.

The bracket is mounted on a ball joint pivot which allows angle adjustment of up to 90 degrees and a full 360-degree rotation. Screwing off the bracket reveals a standard mount thread to which I can attach a compact digital camera, a GoPro or even an audio recorder. If I want to.

The grip handle flares out with three legs to provide an instant mini tripod. I’m not a particularly mechanical person, but I had little trouble following the graphics-only manual to get the base model assembled. It was similarly easy to add the telescopic arm, which extends with four sections adding up to 45cm to the grip handle. So now I have an extended tripod. Or I can pull the legs back in and I have a monopod or a selfie stick.

The iKlip Grip comes with a remote Bluetooth shutter control. It’s a simple procedure to pair it with the Shutter function on my iPhone which I access through Settings/Shutter. The control is quite small, 40cm x 30cm with two buttons. A large button marked A for iOS devices and a smaller one (of course) marked B for others. It can be attached to the base of the grip with a strap (supplied) which has a handy snap lock at the end for quick detachment. They’ve really thought of everything.

The iKlip Grip is a very clever way to add professional stability to my video and still recording wherever I am, inside, outside or on the move. The telescopic arm lets me get above the crowd or any other obstructions. I’m not a selfie person but if you’re one of those who feel the need, then this is for you. The solid grip, the remote shutter, the snug-fitting holding bracket and the smoothly extendable arm all combine into narcissistic nirvana.

Elegant design, solid construction and thoughtful functionality make the iKlip Grip well worth considering. RRP $99

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  1. Alice Pattinson says:

    I would love to have one and pair it with my Selfie Stick Pro in taking selfie’s. :)

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