First Look: Skulpt

Anthony Caruana
8 May, 2015
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easy to set up and use, great app


no integration with other health apps



We have to admit we’re a little bit addicted to fitness equipment. Apps, fitness bands, smart scales – you name it, we want them. So, when the Skulpt caught our eye, we really wanted to try it.

The Skulpt is a device that measures your body fat percentage and muscle quality. It does this via a sensor device that you hold against various parts of your body. Sensors that employ electrical impedance myography (or EIM). A very weak high-frequency and alternating electrical current is passed between the outer two electrodes. As the current moves through the skin, the subcutaneous fat and the muscle, it loses energy due to the resistance of the tissue. This change is then measured by the two inner electrodes. Muscle fibres briefly store and release the electrical charge and this confers a short time delay on the measured voltage on the inner electrodes.

These measurements all help the Skulpt to measure the amount of fat you’re carrying and the quality of your muscle mass.

The data is transmitted to an app via Bluetooth – the initial set-up process is very simple using the free iOS app – or displayed on the Skuplt’s colour display. The device is controlled via three buttons. A pair of buttons on the right side allow you to scroll up and down through options on the screen, while the button on the left side toggles the device on and off and acts as the ‘select’ button when scrolling through menus.

It’s quite difficult to verify the accuracy of the Skulpt’s measurement. EIM was originally developed to assist with the treatment of people with neuromuscular disorders. When we compare the body fat measurements from the Skulpt with those from the Fitbit Aria scales we recently tested, they are consistent with each other.

Our advice when it comes to measuring your body composition is to not get too hung up on the actual number and focus on trends. If your body fat is falling and muscle quality is increasing, then you’re probably doing the right things.

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