Fanny Wang 1000 Series On Ear Wangs

Macworld Australia Staff
6 January, 2013
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Fanny Wang 1000 Series On Ear Wangs

Fanny Wang,


Exceptional audio quality


The design borrows heavily from the Beats range, but with cheaper and clumsy attention to detail.



Yes the Fanny Wang franchise has engaged in some cheeky word branding, and, yes, the company’s range of headphones draw clear comparisons to Monster’s own Beats designs. But that aside, there is a lot to be said when judging the product on its merits alone.

We tested a pair of On Ear Wangs from the 1000 Series for a week. Over that time, we came to realise that, while they may look the same as Beats, this particular model delivers audio with real clout. The speakers evenly distribute crisp sound, allowing mid- and high-range frequencies to stand out, with a good amount of bass for measure. Playing jazz, pop and rock from soft to booming volumes, the headphones performed seamlessly.

The On Wangs’ tri-fold design lets you fold the headphones easily, ready to throw in your bag, and can be expanded just as quickly. Padded foam cups and a thick over-head band offer a sturdy fit, while the in-line cable splitter lets you share music with friends from the same iPod or iPhone port.

Looking at the materials used, you can see where Fanny Wang draws inspiration from Beats. Both sport bold, industrial designs with large ear cups and tri-fold functions. But on closer inspection, you wish Fanny Wang had taken the time to augment the Beats design with the same attention to detail, or innovated its own. The On Ear Wangs are made of a thick, crude plastic that feels especially clunky when folding them. The covering material on the ear cups is also tacky, and slightly cheap.

Macworld Australia’s buying advice.

The On Ear Wangs offer reasonable value for money. We think for younger audiences, especially students, who love the look of Beats but can’t afford the real deal, Fanny Wang may have filled a gap in the market. While the On Ear Wangs do compromise slightly on design, the high level of audio they produce prove they are a contender with serious musical chops.



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