Expansys Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

Cliff Jospeh, Macworld UK
22 June, 2011
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Expansys Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

Expansys, www.expansys.com.au


Cheap and cheerful option for quick thumb typing


Tiny; for thumbs-only

$27.99 + shipping


The Mini Bluetooth Keyboard lives up to its name being about the same height and width as an iPhone, and half as thick. You can slip it into your pocket and not even notice it’s there. The price tag won’t dent your wallet either.

Though small, it’s solidly constructed, and the rubber keys have a comfortable, responsive feel, but rather than typing normally with your fingers, you tap out messages using your thumbs – just as you might with a smartphone.

The keyboard has a basic set of QWERTY and number keys; there’s no row of function keys. There are two Function buttons in the left and right corners that can be used to activate the function commands printed on the keys. These include a Home button that will take you to the iPad’s Home screen, playback controls for your music and arrow keys for scrolling through text documents.

The rechargeable battery only lasts for three to four hours, but then you’re not going to be writing a novel with it.

Macworld Australia’s buying advice

Many people will dismiss the Mini Bluetooth Keyboard as a novelty gadget, but if you’re used to thumb-typing on a smartphone you might find it more comfortable for tapping out notes and emails than the iPad’s on-screen keyboard.

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