Elgato Tivizen

Karen Haslam
23 May, 2011
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We recently reviewed the Elgato Tivizen and were pleasantly surprised; the device picked up a good selection of channels. There was the odd bit of blockiness, but it was watchable.

There was an issue we encountered when it came to recording. Unfortunately it is not possible to set your iPhone or iPad to record a program. The only way to record on your iOS device is to press record when the program starts – and while the iOS app is recording you won’t be able to use your phone (so you might as well be watching the program).

That being said, the Tivizen has an added bonus in that it can work with your Mac if you are running EyeTV software. In this case you can record and eventually transfer the recording to your iPhone or iPad if you wish. Of course you could use any Elgato tuner to do this. The Tivizen costs $229 compared to the EyeTV DTT Deluxe at $159.95 from the Apple store online.

Obviously the benefit of the Tivizen is that you can cut out the middle man and record straight onto your device. Which is a nice idea, but since you can’t set the recording to happen and your iOS device is out of action while you do so, it’s probably better suited to iPad users than iPhone users who might want to answer a call.

Macworld Australia’s Buying Advice

If what you are looking for is a device that will fit in your pocket and enable you to watch live TV on the move – perhaps you want to catch an AFL game while camping – then this is the perfect answer to your prayers (as long as the game doesn’t last three and a half hours).

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  1. David says:

    El gato one of the best produts I ever tated

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