Divoom Bluetune-2

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28 June, 2013
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Divoom Bluetune-2

Divoom, www.anyware.com.au


Bluetooth; inexpensive; colour range; retro appeal


Limited feature list



Divoom’s Bluetune-2 is a solid Bluetooth speaker boasting a retro appeal, simplistic nature and solid output.

Available in six bright, vibrant colours, the Bluetune-2 is minimal in features but big in sound for its price. Featuring a three-button layout at the top of the speaker, the Bluetune-2 connects to audio devices via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm aux-in port at the back. The buttons on the top control the speaker’s volume and device-connectivity, leaving the track control to the connected audio-supplying device.

The 30cm x 14cm x 15cm system requires a constant power source and offers a power button at the rear – next to the aux-in port.

The durable, pod-shaped speaker won’t blow your eardrums, rather providing a nice, even audio range from sharp high-tones to unobtrusive bass thumps. There is a small distortion in the mid-range at louder volumes, but for the price, the audio is more than satisfactory.

Divoom has fitted out the Bluetune-2 with two 2.8in drivers, backed with an Integrated Bass Port – which removes the need for an external subwoofer but resonates and reduces the clarity of the low tones.

The bass output feels restrained, which may not suit those who are used to dominant low-end tones, but for those who are after an even audio range at a reasonable price, the Bluetune-2 is definitely a solid option.

Connecting to the Bluetune-2 is extremely simple – achieved by pressing the dedicated button on the speaker and entering the four-digit code in your Bluetooth-enabled device’s settings. A successful connection changes the light at the top of the Bluetune-2 from white to blue.

Bottom line.

The Divoom speaker won’t suit the dedicated audiophile, but at the $149.95 price point and its limited feature list, it isn’t aiming in their direction. It will, however, suit those who are looking for a mid-sized, Bluetooth speaker with solid audio under $200. The colour range, price and audio quality make the Bluetune-2 an exceptional choice for the bedside table or a child’s birthday present.

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