DigiTech iPB-10

James Galbraith
27 May, 2012
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DigiTech iPB-10

CMI Music & Audio, www.cmi.com.au


Dozens of effects; great sound


Setup a bit fiddly



DigiTech’s iPB-10 Programmable Pedalboard uses your iPad or iPad 2 as an interface to select, arrange, edit and configure 87 guitar effects pedals, 54 amps and 26 speaker cabinets in innumerable ways.

The iPB-10 is not a toy and at $749 it’s not priced like one. Sturdily built, it weighs in at a hefty 5.2kg.

Setting up the iPB-10 is easy but involves a number of steps. First, you must download the free iPB-Nexus app to your iPad from the App Store. Next, check to see if the correct docking tray for your iPad is installed.

If it’s not, push in two buttons that release the protective frame, lift that frame up and remove two easy-to- access Phillips screws. Swap in the new tray and replace the two screws. Then plug in the power supply, connect the dock connector to the iPad, close the protective frame and power up the pedal board.

After this, you launch the iPB- Nexus app. Once updated, the app shows your current setup, an amplifier, a speaker cabinet and five effects pedals. You can actually have up to 10 effects per setup, but only five at a time are visible in performance mode.

Tap and hold any of the pedals, the amp or the speaker on the iPad’s screen and iPB-Nexus presents a large number of swappable elements.

You can also adjust the volume, tone and gain settings on the amp by touching the knobs and sliding your finger up or down.

Amp choices include models from the likes of Marshall, Fender, Orange, Hiwatt, Mesa Boogie and Matchless. A similarly large array of speaker cabinets, simulating an assortment of popular brands, is also available.

Each of the five pedals in the window has a lettered foot switch (A to E) that lets you turn the corresponding pedal on and off. Five more numbered foot switches underneath those switches let you choose between five different setups. You can save setups using your own custom tones, amp settings and speaker cabinet.

There are also lots of ways to connect the output of the iPB-10.

The back of the device holds a large number of connectors, including the 1/4in (6.3mm) input you use to hook up your guitar. You can listen through headphones using the 3.5mm jack or use 1/4in cables to connect to an amp, mixer or computer audio input device.

We connected to a PreSonus Firestudio Mobile and were able to record to GarageBand and Logic Pro on our Mac. You can use the USB ports to connect to your Mac as well. We also connected the iPB-10 to a PA system and were able to record to the iPad using GarageBand for iOS.

Macworld Australia’s buying advice.

Delays, compressors, distortion pedals, chorus, wahs – they’re all here, modelled after those from brands like MXR, DOD, Boss, Ibanez and many more. The iPB-10 has dozens and dozens of highly sought-after effects, all ready to rock.


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