Dell U2713HM monitor

Adam Turner
1 January, 2013
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Dell U2713HM



Excellent image; USB 3.0 hub


No speakers



Delivering exceptional picture quality while shunning multi- media frills, this Dell is designed to sit at the heart of a work- station which places an emphasis on image quality.

This 27in monitor also sports a wide range of connectors including HDMI, DisplayPort and Dual-link DVI supporting super-sharp 2560 x 1440 resolution. Keep in mind to get 2560 x 1440 from your Mac you’ll want a DisplayPort cable or Apple’s Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter.

There’s no 3.5mm audio line-in because the Dell is the only one of the bunch that doesn’t feature built-in speakers. That might seem like a deal breaker, but keep in mind this monitor’s primary focus is colour accuracy. You will, however, find a 3.5mm audio line-out for running the audio from HDMI to external speakers. Dell also sells an optional sound bar which draws power from the monitor.

Considering it’s aimed at those looking to get some work done, it’s great to see the Dell features a four-port USB 3.0 hub for connecting to desktop peripherals. Its stand is also the most flexible stand of the bunch; letting you adjust the height, tilt the screen forward and back, rotate the screen to portrait mode and even swivel the screen 45 degrees left or right. The icing on the cake is the matte display which reduces screen glare, although the matte-versus-gloss debate can come down to personal taste.

This Dell features a bright 350 cm/d2 LED-backlit IPS (In Plane Switching) panel which delivers exceptional contrast and colour accuracy. The lack of built-in speakers might deter some people, but those who care about image quality should lean towards this Dell over the cheaper monitors here.

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If you abhor high- gloss displays and don’t care about Thunderbolt, this Dell makes a respectable alternative to Apple’s shiny and expensive Thunderbolt monitor.

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