Creative Aurvana In-Ear2 earphones

Peter Roper
18 June, 2011
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Creative Aurvana In-Ear2 earphones



Good noise isolation and sound quality across a wide range of genres; nice set of accessories; sexy.


On the pricey side; no in-line volume control.



Creative Labs’ website describes the Aurvana In-Ear2 earphones as ‘aesthetically pleasant’. In this regard the company is being surprisingly modest (given the same page includes the phrase ‘Perfection redefined’); this second member of the Aurvana In-Ear family is downright sexy, in a carbon nanotubey kind of way.

As someone who prefers subtlety in my earphones, these are certainly inconspicuous and lightweight, with the build quality still managing to feel very solid.

Sound-wise, the In-Ear2s are a great all-round solution if your listening tastes vary widely.

Tests across a range of music genres delivered sound that was consistently good. Low frequencies were deep and punchy and the earphones coped well with bass-heavy tracks, while not being detrimental to music with less. When listening to podcasts and audiobooks, voices and effects were clear.

In fact, it was hard to find anything that sounded bad on these units … and I tried. The vocal harmonies of Fleet Foxes, the horns of Beirut and the carols of A Colbert Christmas all came through solidly. Even Sigur Ros was tram-listenable, which is no mean feat.

As well as Icelandic ambient, apps that generate natural ambient noise are perfect for in-ear earphones. The In-Ear2s allowed me lean back in my office chair, close my eyes and drift away to the soothing sounds of rainforest birds, waves lapping at a lake shore and bacon sizzling in a pan (yes, there is an app for that).

This is made possible by the very good noise isolation the In-Ear2s provide, which public transport users will appreciate. Constant, droning noises such as vehicle engines are masked even with no audio playing, but some music is required to block out conversations and the like, so the packaging’s claim of up to 95 percent noise isolation is a tad generous.

Inside the packaging are all the bits and pieces you would expect from headphones in this price-range, plus a couple more. You get three sizes of mushroom-shaped earpieces, which should be fine for the earholes of most wearers. The provided travel case is very handy with a molded plastic insert for holding the earpieces and wrapping the cable around to keep things tidy. Finally, there’s an adaptor for those double-pin aeroplane audio jacks and a little tool for keeping your shiny new earphones free of wax.

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With solid construction, very good noise isolation and a great set of included accessories, the only question left is how much you value good looks. If you are willing to pay a little extra for build quality and aesthetics (you are reading Macworld Australia…) then Creative’s Aurvana In-Ear2 earphones offer good performance across a range of genres in a sleek design.

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