ClicOn Headrest mount for iPad

Dave Bullard
24 October, 2010
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ClicOn Headrest Mount for iPad



Well-made; easy to mount





Serendipity, I think they call it. We were about to go on a family holiday from Melbourne to East Gippsland when this ClicOn Headrest Mount landed on my desk.

Just like the name says, it’s a holder for your iPad that attaches to the headrest of a car’s front seat, turning the iPad into an in-car entertainment device for back-seat passengers.

Well, my kids were rapt they could watch videos when they got bored, and all we needed was a headphone splitter so they could both plug their headphones in and we could keep our sanity up front.

The mount itself is an A-frame of high-grade plastic with one clip on top and two beneath. It’s very easy to attach and detach the iPad, it swivels in all directions and it can rotate from horizontal to vertical.

Fitting the mount to the car is a little more fiddly, but not much. It involves placing two plates in front of and behind a front seat’s headrest bars, screwing them together, then screwing the mount itself to a ball joint on a short rear extension arm.

The space between your headrest bars needs to be between 95mm and 211mm, so check this before you buy.

Australian Macworld’s buying advice

My daughters loved the Headrest Mount. They’d been wanting a back-seat DVD player for ages, but it had always seemed  like an unnecessary expense. Now that we have an iPad, spending $125 on the ClicOn seems like a really great idea.

This review originally featured in the September issue of Australian Macworld magazine.

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