CES: Sennheiser partners with Adidas, launches 22 new headphone models

David Braue
13 January, 2010
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There’s a pair of headphones to suit every taste in Sennheiser’s new lineup of models, which the company launched at CES for use with portable music players while also announcing a partnership with Adidas to develop sports-friendly headphones.

The Adidas partnership will see Sennheiser produce four headphone models designed specifically for use during sports. The MX 680, for example, includes Sennheiser’s EarFin technology to ensure the earpiece fits in the ear — and stays there.  The CX 680 in-ear earphones include three adapters to ensure they fit snugly in the ear during a workout, while the OMX 680 adds ear clips for additional durability. The PMX 680 adds an “ergonomically designed neck band” and reflective strip on the neck band to improve safety in dark conditions.

Sennheiser’s other new models span the range of listener expectations, ranging from the ‘classic earphone’ MX 980 to the in-ear CX 980, providing some measure of external sound attenuation, and the individually adjustable ear-clip form factor of the OMX 980. All three provide a volume control on the cable, as well as a clothing clip and flexible stereo jack that makes it easier to plug into audio sources around corners.

Four mid-range models, also incorporating on-cable volume control and clothing clip, include the bass-driven MX 880; in-ear CX 870 and CX 880; and combined ear-canal and ear-clip design of the OCX 880.

To describe the other models we’ll borrow Sennheiser’s words:

The MX 270, MX 370, MX 470 and the MX 580 are classic earphones that promise a full stereo sound with a powerful bass thanks to high-performance neodymium magnets. The CX 270 and CX 280 ear canal phones also offer a powerful audio on- the-move experience: the CX 270 has a powerful bass and the CX 280 a more balanced sound. The OMX 180 and MXL 570 score points for being particularly comfortable. Flexible ear clips mean the OMX 180 can be individually adjusted and the MXL 570 comes with a practical lanyard cord to go around your neck, allowing you to take your headphones out of your ears at any time without any risk of losing them. Your player can also be attached to the lanyard.

These headphones are also particularly colourful: four of the models – the CX 271, CX 281, MX 471, MX 581 and OMX 181 – come in a trendy dark red and black. Fine gold decorative detailing makes the headphones really eye catching. These headphones, as well as the MX 271 and MX 371, are also specially designed for people with smaller ears. 

When the music is so good that it is best shared, the CX 281 and MX 581 are the right choice: both models have an adapter, to which a second set of headphones can be connected, offering music listeners double the fun. Almost all the models come with a carrying pouch which is large enough to store an MP3-Player as well as your headphones and accessories. 

The new range of earphones will appear on shelves at your regular Sennheiser distributors in February. The co-branded Adidas models will also be sold in Adidas Sport Performance stores.

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