Buffalo DriveStation Velocity

Anthony Caruana
9 February, 2013
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Buffalo DriveStation Velocity

Buffalo, www.bufallotech.com


Three-year warranty


No Mac software; slow; formatted for PC



When a product is given the sobriquet ‘Velocity’ you expect it to be really fast. Unfortunately, the Buffalo DriveStation Velocity, while competent, didn’t live up to its name.

Equipped with a 1TB, 7200rpm drive and a USB 3.0 interface, the DriveStation Velocity claims to offer fast performance and hardware encryption of your data – something that’s important to consider if you’re concerned that your data might end up in the wrong hands. However, performance was lacklustre on a MacBook Pro that was equipped with a 500GB SSD.

Although the DriveStation Velocity claims Mac and PC compatibility on the box, our review unit was formatted as NTFS when it arrived. Although we could read data from the unit, we needed to reformat it into a Mac-friendly format in order to use it. Once that was done, we found that the encryption function is a Windows-only feature.

Buffalo also boasts of a performance-enhancing utility that ships with the DriveStation Velocity. Again, this is not a feature available to Mac users. As a result, the performance testing we carried out delivered mediocre results when compared to the other drives we tested.

Copying a folder of large and small files – the same package we used with the other drives we tested – to the DriveStation, was achieved at a speed of just 304Mbps – about 75 percent slower than the other drives we tested and a long way short of the 5Gbps touted on the side of the box. Copying files from the DriveStation back to the MacBook Pro was about 10 percent faster.

Macworld Australia’s buying advice:

The one thing that the Buffalo DriveStation Velocity has going for it is price. The slow performance is still adequate for backups but if you’re looking for a drive to use for editing video or large images, then we’d suggest looking at some of the faster drives on
the market.

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