Bose OE2i audio headphones

Nick Broughall
29 June, 2012
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Bose OE2i



Exceptional comfort; impressive audio quality


Excessively long cable



Wearing the OE2i headphones from Bose for extended periods of time is as natural as breathing. It’s almost like the cushions are made out of unicorn hair and fluffy white clouds they are so comfortable. How else could you explain it?

As you’d expect from a company like Bose, audio quality is also superb. There’s plenty of detail across the full range of sound, with bass sounding especially vibrant, but the detail in the high-end keeps you gripped while listening to your favourite tunes.

Even at excessively loud volumes the OE2i didn’t distort, with every note of an acoustic guitar solo sounding crisp and tight. Perhaps unfortunately, the open design of the head- phones means that at high volumes, fellow commuters will be enjoying your music as much as (or probably less than) you.

The headphones fold up conveniently when you aren’t using them, while the adjustable band gives a comfortable fit to any size head, although they are impossible to put on with only one hand.

It’s not all good news though. The supplied cable, which features the in-line remote, is ridiculously long. Seriously,
at 180cm, even the late, great André the Giant would find it excessively inconvenient. Regardless of where we kept the iPhone during testing, there were reams of cable floating around, tangling on errant pieces of clothing or bags.

Despite its length, the cable’s microphone is conveniently located at mouth height, and audio quality through the mic was clear and easy for others to understand.

Macworld Australia’s buying advice.

At $249, the Bose OE2i is a bargain for what is largely considered a premium brand, offering impressive sound quality, exceptional comfort and a convenient form factor. They’re well worth the asking price, even if the cable is designed for giants and their open design is destined to annoy fellow commuters.

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