Bose MIE2i earphones

Dave Bullard - Managing Editor
21 March, 2011
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Bose MIE2i earphones



Excellent sound and construction


No ‘normal’ earpieces



Since Bose introduced its In-Ear v2 earphones in 2007, they and their white-and-black corded successors have been firm favourites of mine and other audio reviewers.

The new MIE2i model builds directly on that heritage, with the ‘M’ prefix denoting mobile-phone capability with the addition of an inline microphone and three-button remote, and the ‘i’ suffix indicating its ability to control volume, track selection and voice control in a range of iOS products.

Everything about the MIE2is, from the design to the high quality of the cables, connectors and clips, is excellent – and the audio is no exception.

The sound is wonderfully warm and engaging, with a wide and beautifully balanced tonal range and bags of detail. They don’t deliver a pure, unadulterated sound, but they’re good all-rounders that can handle all music genres well. As usual with Bose, there’s a complete absence of cable noise to interfere with your enjoyment of the music.

When used with music, these earphones allow you to control volume, skip or scrub forward and backward, and play or pause. When a call comes in, you can answer, decline or end it, and put it on hold to answer a second call.

Even better, holding down the central button on the remote activates the Voice Control feature on compatible iPhones and iPods. This lets you issue commands such as “Call home”, “Play playlist Gym Music”, “Shuffle” or “Next song”. In-call audio quality is very good – among the best I’ve heard, with both incoming and outgoing voices sounding loud and clear.

Now, on to comfort. Bose has now introduced ‘StayHear’ silicone tips, which are essentially the same as its legacy tips – which were hybrid ones moulded to sit both in the ear and in the ear canal – but add little ‘fins’ which sit in the upper part of the ear. These are an almost-identical copy of Sennheiser’s ‘EarFIns’ concept for sporty types. Coming in three sizes, they certainly make for a more secure fit, but you might not find them as comfortable as ‘normal’ tips.

Australian Macworld’s buying advice: The Bose MIE2i earphones are excellent and highly recommended. My only misgivings, and the reason they didn’t score five out of five mice, are those StayHear tips, which many users don’t find as comfortable as the older-style ones. I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt too much to throw three sets of wingless tips into the box.


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  1. Barry says:

    I have the older versions, love the sound but they have already broken at the plug, only get one ear. Hope these have a complete right angle on the plug. Thats the only downfall

  2. Molecule says:

    You left out a couple of other cons: 1. Audiophiles will laugh at you for buying Bose. 2. You could get something with much better sound quality for a fraction of the cost from a proper brand like AKG, Klipsch, or Ultrasone.

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