Bolle Photo BP-100 mini printer

Macworld Australia Staff
30 August, 2012
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Bolle Photo BP-100



iOS printing via app; cost-effective


Brand relatively unknown in Australia



The Bolle BP-100 is a compact printer specifically designed to help you print photos from your iOS device – thanks to the 30-pin dock connector built into the top of the unit.

Like other printers in this review, the BP-100 requires the use of a special paper and toner ink cartridge, which means you’re effectively held hostage to Bolle to supply your printing supplies.

Where many of the other printers here require the use of a computer, the BP-100 is designed to specifically work with your smartphone – to the point where computers need not apply.

To print with the BP-100 you’ll need to first download the Bolle Photo app from the App Store.

Apart from the standard ‘Take Photo’ and ‘Choose Photo’ options you can also ‘Create Photo’. Selecting this option lets you choose from either standard ID Photo templates (which you’d use to create passport style photos) or ‘Templates’.

The latter means Bolle Photo will create a kind of collage for you with your photo embedded in strange scenes like ‘Conference Room’ or ‘Casino Table’ (where your face is on a playing card lying on a casino table). But my favourite collage is ‘Korean Palace’ where, you guessed it, your face is pasted on to the side of a Korean Palace.

Once you’ve created your masterpiece simply tap print, drop your iPhone on the BP-100 and your photo prints out.

According to distributor APS, the printer is all about ‘instant gratification’ and helps to ‘promote and educate people into ensuring they print their precious memories from their phones’.

A media pack with 36 prints and ink will cost around $35, or $1 per print.

Macworld Australia’s buying advice.

A new brand on the market, but an exciting product with potential for use in many situations. Unfortunately printing requires the use of an app so it’s not as easy as just docking and printing. Like other photo print- ers in this test you’re locked in to Bolle consumables, but unlike all other printers in this test you can print directly from your iPhone – a big advantage.

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  1. Judy says:

    Where can I buy cartridges for Bolle print 100. I live in Sydney.

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