Belkin Line Interactive UPS – 840-watt/1400 VA

Adam Turner
3 July, 2014
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Belkin Line Interactive UPS



Low price





This Belkin is rated at 1400VA and includes a 15-amp circuit breaker. You’ll find six power connectors on the back – using the C13 sockets typically found on computing gear, rather than standard power points. Belkin includes two power cables. All six sockets offer surge protection to shield your gear from power spikes, but only four offer battery backup. You’ll also find telephone jacks to filter out spikes on your phone line.

On the front of the Belkin, you’ll find a screen, which displays the input voltage coming from your power point and the output voltage going to your attached devices. There are also four-bar readouts for the battery charge level and the power load from the attached devices. You can connect the UPS up to your computer via USB and Belkin supplies Mac and Windows software, but the UPS doesn’t show up under the Energy Saver System Preferences on your Mac.

The Belkin features a very noisy fan, which often kicks in even when the UPS isn’t providing battery backup, so you wouldn’t want to sit near it all day. When running on batteries it makes a loud beep every few seconds, which gets faster when it’s down to 25 percent charge.

Tested with our quad-core Mac Pro hooked up to a 24in Dell monitor, using 210 watts, the Belkin ran 19 minutes and 55 seconds – which works out at .85 seconds per VA. The Mac was sitting idle with no power-saving options enabled, so you might stretch this further; however, power-hungry applications will take their toll. Keep in mind the primary purpose of a battery-powered UPS isn’t to let you keep working, but rather to finish what you’re doing and shut down gracefully.

Bottom line.

While the price is low, Belkin’s UPS is simply too noisy for home/small office, home office (SOHO) users.

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