Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless

Anthony Caruana
30 July, 2014
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Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless

Beats by Dr. Dre,


Sound quality


Tight fit



There’s no doubt that Beats by Dr. Dre has become one of the world’s most identifiable products. But the Beats Wireless headphones aren’t only about looks – they deliver excellent, albeit pricey, quality.

Headphone fit can be a very subjective thing. We found the Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless to be quite a tight fit and there’s very little padding on the top section. As a result, we found them to be quite uncomfortable once we had them on for an hour or so, even though we did play with the adjustment quite a bit.

As expected, charging was over USB, with battery life rated at 10 hours – enough for a day in the office or some travel.

Sound quality was very good. The bass didn’t exhibit the really strong levels we’ve found in other Beats products we’ve reviewed previously, so we felt the Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless delivered a truer sound than other headphones from the same manufacturer.

Controls for playback were all found on the right earcup. This did take a little getting used to. Each of the controls was marked on the earcup with either a raised bar or series of dots – like a simplified version of Braille. Once we’d learned the patterns and positions, we were able to adjust the volume, skip forward and back through tracks, and play and pause tracks.

Holding down the play/pause region on the cup invoked Siri and we could also make and receive calls though the headphones. Disappointingly, audio quality on phone calls was on a par with the rest of the field in this Group Test with the other party noting it was hard to hear when we were talking.

Bottom line.

It’s hard to tell why Beats by Dr. Dre sell so well. Is it the look? The sound quality? Or does the brand have that much street cred? We found that it’s a combination of the three.

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