Bear Grylls Action Case for iPhone 5/5s

Jonathan Stewart
26 February, 2014
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Bear Grylls Action Case



Access to buttons/ports; durable feel; protection; grip


Added weight

$49.95 inc shipping. (Normally $59.95 + shipping)


The Bear Grylls name is synonymous with exploration. The TV personality’s adventure program is captivating viewing, tasking Grylls to survive the world’s harshest environments. So, it makes sense that a line of iPhone protection cases would be branded with the Bear Grylls name.

The Bear Grylls Action Case is a securely fitting silicone cover for iPhone 5/5s devices. The exterior of the case features extra protection on each of the corners, a ribbed grip along each side and an extended lip around the front of the case to elevate the iPhone’s screen away from surfaces when it is face down.

In testing, the rugged exterior made the iPhone comfortable to hold, while also increasing our grip. Smooth cases can slip out of a hand when wearing gloves; we didn’t have this problem with Grylls’ case.

While the case fits tightly around your smartphone, the Action Case offers no protection against water. The case leaves the front of the iPhone exposed, along with the camera lens and flash, the headphone, speakers and Lightning port, and the ring/silent switch.

The power button and volume buttons are covered with elongated overlays that are easy to locate even when you aren’t looking at your phone. All three buttons function as normal with the case attached.

We weren’t willing to drop test our iPhone in the Bear Grylls case from heights over a metre, but dropping the case from our desk onto a number of surfaces saw no damage. We wouldn’t claim the case makes the iPhone invincible, but for everyday commuting, exploration or sporting use, this case should be suitable.

One thing that may annoy users is the weight. It isn’t significant, but at a 100g, it is noticeable.

Bottom line.

The Bear Grylls Action Case is a good option for iPhone users who are after added grip and protection, but still desire access to their iPhone buttons and ports. While it adds a little weight and bulk, the case is a good companion on a trip into the wild.


The Bear Grylls Action Case is currently on sale for Macworld Australia readers. Click here for more details.

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