Atomic Floyd PowerJax + Remote

Macworld Australia Staff
13 July, 2013
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Atomic Floyd PowerJax + Remote

Atomic Floyd,


Top-class build quality; very good audio for the price


Slight treble emphasis



Atomic Floyd has built up an excellent reputation on the back of a range of earphones featuring metal construction and superior sound.

The latest pair to land on our desk are the PowerJax + Remote, which, at $179, are one of the two cheapest models in the Atomic Floyd range.

The earphones have stainless steel earpieces housing large 13.5mm dynamic drivers with dual metal voice coils. A 5mm sound tunnel angles off to the front, delivering the audio directly into the ear canal.

Comfort-wise, these are the best Atomic Floyds we’ve tried. We’ve found the metal earpieces a bit heavy in the past, but these sit so nicely in our ears due to the angled tips that this wasn’t an issue.

In the box you’ll find three sizes of the silicone eartips, which are very comfortable and do a quite a good job of blocking ambient noise.

Another issue we found with older Atomic Floyd earphones was a fair bit of cable noise, but it’s so slight on the PowerJax’ anti-tangle titanium cables that it doesn’t matter.

Speaking of cables, on the left-channel one is a Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad in-line remote and mic for controlling music and phone calls.

In-call audio is very good, though you will sound like you’re in a smallish chamber to the person on the other end

Looking at the audio in general, the earphones tread a line between artificial but pleasing warmth and cold accuracy. The sound is expansive and all-encompassing. It’s slightly bright in the treble, but the mids are great and the bass is big but not fake.

There’s a bit of distortion if you pump up the volume too far, but not many people want to listen to music that loud anyway.

All in all, it’s champagne sound for a beer price.

Bottom line.

They might be the cheapest of the Atomic Floyds, but the PowerJax + Remotes are our favourite model. There’s just something about the look, the comfort and the audio that ticks all the boxes.



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